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 2017 Rules Interp. Video
2017 Rules Interp
2014 NCAA Rules ( Good 3 Second Clip)
Three second presentation begins at the 19:10 point on the counter at the bottom of the screen. Also - three seconds is called the same way in High School as it is reported on the video. The only difference is the penalty administration. It is a good presentation and very beneficial
2016 Officials Manual 2016
Officials Manual
2016 Officials Rules Interpretation Video

2017 Rules Book
2017 Rule Book is not available on line. This is the 2016 Rule Book.
2017 Rules Manual
2017 Manual
2017 Youth Girls' rulebook
Youth Rules 2017
ArbiterSports Assigning Link
Horizon Web Ref
Nassau County Police Activities League Lacrosse Unit Assigning Website
Nassau BOCES
Section VIII Schedule
Nassau BOCES Sportspak

Nassau BOCES Sportspak
Section VIII Nassau BOCES Official's site for game assignments. Please keep your availability up to date!
Nassau County School Directions
Nassau County School Directions --- Thanks to the Jericho School District

Section 11 (Suffolk)
Suffolk County - Section 11
US Lacrosse Interpretation 2016
US Lacrosse Interpretation 2016
US Lacrosse Resource page
US Lacrosse Resource page
Women's Official's Facebook Page
Women's Official's Facebook Page

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