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Date Teams Site Time Officials
March 14 Varsity Cancelled Cancelled 4:15 PM Cancelled
March 14 JV Cancelled Cancelled 4:15 PM Cancelled 
March 14 Varsity Cancelled Lynbrook Marion St. Elementary Cancelled Cancelled
March 14 Varsity Locust Valley/Syosset Center Island 4:30 PM Chris A., John C.
March 14 Varsity Mepham/Elmont Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled
March 14 Varsity Cancelled Massapequa Cancelled  Cancelled 
March 15 Varsity Cancelled Division Turf Cancelled Mike D., Ron D., Ron C.
March 15 JV Cancelled Division Grass Field Cancelled Chris A.,Patricia L., Ron S., Georgette
March 15 Varsity Massapequa/Lynbrook Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled
March 15 Varsity Oceanside/Southside Oceanside HS 3:30 PM Dave P.,Angelo, Portia
March 15 JV Southside/Oceanside Southside HS 5:00 PM Shadrak, Glenn D.,Greg B., Kerri F, John Cs.
March 16 Varsity Long Beach/Liverpool Long Beach H.S. 5:00 PM Claire C.,
March 16 Varsity Lev Division/Jericho/OLM Levittown Div. 4:15 PM Brad K., Joe L.,
March 16 Varsity North Shore/Southside North Shore HS Turf 4:45PM  
March 16 Varsity Elmont/EMHS Elmont 4:15 PM Gregg M., Sal V., Cathy C.
March 16 Varsity  Calhoun  Calhoun H.S.     
March 16 Varsity Mepham/Baldwin Mepham H.S. 4:00 PM Ron D., Rob C., Ron S., Patricia
March 16 Varsity Levittown Div./Jericho Levittown Division 4:15 PM Rich F., Frank F., Mark O.
March 16 Varsity Oyster Bay/Syosset Oyster Bay H.S. 4:00 PM  
March 17 Varsity Bethpage/Lynbrook Bethpage HS 10:30 AM Dianne P.,Carol O., Mike D, Brad K.
March 17 Varsity CSH/NPT/Plainedge CSH Turf 9:30 AM Tom M.,Ron T, Greg K
March 17 JV CSH/NPT/Plainedge CSH Grass Field 9:30 AM Glenn D.,Tom R., Chris C.
March 17 Varsity Locust Valley/Liverpool Center Island Turf 10:00 A.M. Kathy M, Joe L.
March 17 Varsity North Shore HS North Shore HS Turf 9:00 A.M. Jason C.,Steve S.,
March 17 Varsity Cancelled Massapequa H.S. Cancelled John D.,Bill K., JP Puglia
March 17 Varsity Elmont/EMHS Elmont 10:00 AM Les P., Jim H
March 17 Varsity Farmingdale/Oceanside Farmingdale H.S. 10:00 AM Bob R., Mike Labrys, John DeFalco, JP
March 19 Varsity Bethpage/Division Bethpage Turf 4:30 PM Bill A., Gary T.,
March 19 JV Levittown Div/Bethpage  Levittown Division HS 4:15 PM Eli, Chris Avazis
March 24 JV Southside/Sacred Heart Southside HS 11:00 AM Les P., Lynda W
March 24 Varsity Manhasset Play Day 2 Fields at 9:00 AM Bill A., Jerry C.,Brad K, Kathy W., Joe Lynch
Reserved These are top 2 Fields at 9:30 AM Bill A., Jerry C., Brad K, Kathy W., Joe Lynch 
for ranked teams from 2 Fields at 10:00 AM Carol O, Karianne, Kathy W
3 person Nassau, Suffolk, CT 2 Fields at 10:30 AM Carol O, Karianne, Bob S., Kathy W, Ken R
certification and NJ 2 Fields at 11:00 AM Karianne, Bob S.,Dianne P.,Ken R
for   2 Fields at 11:30 AM Karianne, Bob S., Dianne P.,Mark O
playoffs   2 Fields at 12 Noon Kathy M., Mark O
    2 Fields at 12:30 PM Kathy M., Carol L., Bill T
    1 Field at 1:00 PM Kathy M., Carol L., Bill T
April 3 Bethpage/Plainview Bethpage Turf 10:30 AM Karianne, Mike Lauterborn, Olivia

by posted 01/31/2018
Emergency Situations- BOCES # 997-4861

Emergency Situations- BOCES # 997-4861

This number is only for Emergency Situation AFTER Regular Business Hours !

1- Tell operator you are an Official

2- Tell operator this refers to a Girls game.

3- Leave your Name and Number

4- BOCES will contact you as soon as possible.

by posted 02/20/2017

The Little Theater at East Meadow High School has been secured for our meetings on the following dates. All meetings begin promptly at 7:30 pm. Doors close at 7:40 pm, no credit for meetings if you arrive after 7:40 pm.


Monday February 26, 2018 - Rules Interpretation

Monday March 5, 2018 - Pre-season meeting

Monday April 9, 2018 - Mid-season meeting

Monday May 7, 2018 - Third meeting/elections/post-season

Alternate Rules Interpretation Meetings:

Suffolk County -  Thursday February 15, 2018 - Samoset M.S. Little Theater, Lake Ronkonkoma 7:00 p.m.

Westchester - Tuesday February 6, 2018 - White Plains H.S. 6:30 p.m.


by posted 01/31/2017