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Nassau County Women's Lacrosse Officials's Association

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Emergency Situations- BOCES # 997-4861

Emergency Situations- BOCES # 997-4861

This number is only for Emergency Situation AFTER Regular Business Hours !

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2- Tell operator this refers to a Girls game.

3- Leave your Name and Number

4- BOCES will contact you as soon as possible.

by posted 02/20/2017
Scrimmages 2017 - Email Randy randylevine0855@gmail.com

Date Teams Site Time Officials
March 15 Varsity



Lynbrook NMS

4:00 PM Kathy/Portia/Donna
March 15 Varsity


Mepham/Glen Cove

Mepham HS 4:30 PM Brad/Mike Lauterborn/Sal V.
March 15 Varsity E.Meadow/MacArthur E.Meadow 4:30 PM Carol O./Joe L./Mark O.
March 15 Varsity CANCELED Carle Place 4:30 PM  
March 15 Varsity


Garden City/Kellenberg

G.C. H.S. 4:15 PM Angelo/
March 15 Varsity Island Trees/Hicksville Island Trees  4:00 PM Joe S./Gregg Minafo

March 15 Varsity


Cold Spring Harbor/Northport

CSH HS Turf 4:15 PM

Colleen/Ed S.


March 15 Varsity Massapequa/Seaford Burns Park West 4:15 PM Ron T./John D./Bill B.
March 15 Varsity Wantagh/Plainedge Forest Lake Elem. 4:15 PM Shadrak/
March 15 Varsity North Shore/ N.S. H.S. 4:00 PM  
March 15 JV MacArthur/E.Meado MacArthur 4:45 PM Ron S/Rob C/ Ron D
March 15 JV Garden City/Kellenberg Garden City M.S. 4:15 PM Jose L.R./
March 15 JV Clarke/Carle Place Clarke 4:30 PM Scott S./Patti O.
March 15 JV North Shore/ Glenwood Landing 4:00 PM  
March 16 Varsity Wantagh/Kellenberg Forest Lake Elem. 4:15 PM  

March 16 Varsity


Lev Division/Lynbrook

Lynbrook North MS

4:30 PM

Karianne/Mike D./Frank F.
March 16 Varsity Glen Cove/GNN Glen Cove 4:30 PM  
March 16   JV South Side Massapequa South Side HS 4:00 PM Ron S/Patricia L
March 16 Varsity



Syosset HS 4:15 PM Dave P./Dianne P./Jeff Colton
March 16 Varsity


Cold Spring Harbor/Mattituck

CSH HS 4:45 PM


Frank S/Gary T/Bill K.

March 16 Varsity Syosset Sports Hub Indoor Facility Eileen Way 5 - 6:30 PM Dave P./Randy/Bill T.
March 17 Varsity Massapequa/South Side Burns Park West 4:15 PM Rich F./Bob Cz./Gregg M./Frank F.
March 17 Varsity Cold Spring Harbor CSH Upper Turf 4:00 PM Shadrak/Gary T.
March 17 Varsity Garden City/Sacred Heart ADELPHI 5:00 PM Bill A./Kathy M./Angelo
March 17 Varsity Levittown Division/Seaford Division 5:00 PM CANCELED
March 17 JV


Garden City/Sacred Heart

Garden City M.S. 4:30 PM Henry B/Alex M./John C.
March 18 Varsity Seaford/Levittown Div Seaford HS 8:30 AM Carol O./Mark O./Bill T./Kathy M
March 18 Varsity Mepham/Lynbrook Mepham HS 10:00 AM

Kathy W/Brad/Joe S./Colleen/Greg

3 games Jericho   10:00 AM Rating Officials
  Colleen John D.    
  Jose Luis Rodriguez Karianne Bill A  
3 games Jericho   11:00 AM Rating Officials
  Gary Trezza Eli Scott S.  
  JP Puglia Bob Rhodes Rebecca B.  
3 games Jericho   12:00 PM Rating Officials
Kelley Roberts Ron T. Mike Dennett Kelley R  
  Kathy W Gregg Kurtz Neil Gimpel  
March 20 Varsity Mineola/Lev Division Mineola 4:30 PM Brad K/Eli/Mike L./Henry B.
March 21 JV South Side/Sacred Heart Southside H.S. 3:30 PM John D./Bob C.
March 22 Varsity Plainview/Glen Cove Plainview H.S. 4:00 PM Joe L./
March 24 Varsity Long Beach/Liverpool

Long Beach


4:30 PM  
March 25 Varsity Manhasset Play Day 2 Fields 10 - 10:35 Kathy W./Bill A./Les/Portia/Bob A.
    2 Fields 10:40 -11:15 Kathy M./Portia/Bill T./ Jason C.
    2 Fields 11:25 - 12:00 Steve S./Carol L/Kathy W./Bob R.



March 29 Varsity Elmont/E. Meadow Elmont 4:45 PM Jose L.R./Tama J./
March 29 JV East Meadow/Elmont E. Meadow 4:30 PM Ro G./Patricia L./Lynda W./Georgette
March 30 Varsity Syosset Syosset HS 4:30 PM Patti O./Cathy C
March 30 JV Syosset Syosset HS 4:30 PM Glenn D./Ron S./John C./Alex M.
April 10 Varsity Syosset Syosset HS 10:00 AM Ron T./JoAnn D./
April 10 Varsity Carle Place/Clarke Carle Place 10:00 AM Kelley R./Karianne/
April 17 Varsity North Shore/Oceanside North Shore Turf 5:00 PM Rich F./Joe Z./Bill K./Jeff C./Ron Di

by posted 02/03/2017

The Little Theater at East Meadow High School has been secured for our meetings on the following dates:



Wednesday April 5, 2017 - 7:30 pm Mid-season Meeting (General Meeting #2)

Monday April 10, 2017- Uniform Change from Long to Short. (Call your partner)

Monday May 1, 2017 - 7:30 pm End of Season Meeting (General Meeting #3)

Wednesday June 21, 2017  Lacrosse Dinner- (Tentatively)

by posted 01/31/2017